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It is difficult to know the exact origin of the Thai cushion, but we do know that it has existed in Thailand for centuries and that it first appeared in a region of northern Thailand called the Lanna Kingdom, which in Thai means "the kingdom of a million rice fields". This kingdom was founded in 1259 by King Mangrai (1238-1317), from the Lao lineage. With for capital the city of Chiang Rai founded in 1262 then transferred in 1296 to Chiang Mai the new city.

Lanna kingdom Thailand


The Thai triangular cushion composed of three parts that unfold is reminiscent of a reclining Buddha about to enter nirvana (the ultimate goal of Buddhist practice, the end of existence), he is lying on his right side and leaning on his elbow supporting his head with his right hand or his head on a cushion. The Thai triangle cushion is the image of the reclining Buddha.

Buddha lying on a Thai triangle cushion


The Thai cushion is an integral part of Thai culture, it is used for meditation, massage, yoga but also as a backrest on a bed or sofa, on the floor as a seat around a coffee table to eat, to relax but also to sleep as a bed, etc.. Today it can be found in everyday life as a decorative object in a refined and zen habitat especially in hotels, restaurants, bars, and Thai guesthouse. Over the years the Thai cushion has been perfected and it comes in many forms. The Thai cushion with a triangular shape which is the most popular in Thailand having the advantage of being able to rest the head and the back on it; the Thai cushion with a flat shape, often offered to the young novice monks who return to the monastery; the Thai cushion with a rectangular shape which will be used as a support cushion but also for meditation. And let's not forget the Thai roll-up mattress which is essential for massage practice and which is present in many Thai massage parlors.

triangle cushion 


The Thai cushion is manufactured in a unique way. First, the craftsman makes the cushion cover in a traditional Thai 100% cotton fabric. The cover inside is compartmentalized with the help of partitions to create many tubes that will be later stuffed individually. Once the cover is made, the craftsman will then stuff each tube with kapok (see section "kapok") using a wooden tool to reach the entire tube and to compress the kapok inside. Once all the tubes have been filled, the craftsman simply closes them with a strip of fabric that has been sewn securely onto the cover. The edges of the fabric are fully hand assembled with double edge stitching to ensure that the Thai cushion will last for years.


The kapok is a 100% natural plant fiber, untreated and pesticide-free. It comes from a tropical tree, the kapok tree ceiba pentandra, produced in Thailand but also in Indonesia, India, South America, Africa and the French West Indies. Its very light fiber like cotton has many properties, its waterproofness but also that it is thermoregulatory what allows to regulate naturally the temperature of the body by protecting from the cold but also from perspiration. It also has the ability to be hypoallergenic and anti-mite, many virtues that make it a wise choice for the manufacture of Thai cushion.

Thai cotton kapok from Asia


The kapok inside the cushion is self-cleaning and does not require any particular maintenance. It is sufficient to dust it once a month with a soft brush and in case of stains, clean it with a slightly damp cloth. If the cushion is wet, dry it before use. Do not hesitate to expose it to the sun, the kapok inside will naturally regain its volume and its initial density.


Our cushions on our store are exclusively stuffed with real natural sustainable kapok, untreated, pesticide free and without any chemicals in the manufacturing process. All of our Thai mattresses and cushions sold in our store are 100% eco-friendly and contain no artificial fibers. Without allergens, they are particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies and sensitive skin. Our first requirement is to be provided with a firm seat while being pleasant to the touch.

All our cushions provide above all an unequalled and durable comfort...



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