Wooden massage cross

Wooden massage cross

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The traditional Thai tool for massage made of natural wood in the shape of a cross

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The wooden massage cross is a traditional Thai tool that has been used for centuries to relieve muscle pain and tension. Beautifully designed, this massage tool is made from natural wood, making it not only eco-friendly, but also durable and sturdy. It is uniquely designed to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand, making it easy to use and apply the necessary pressure.

Using the wooden massage cross is a simple yet effective process. First, it is recommended to choose a body area that requires relief. This can be any part of the body, but it is particularly effective on tense areas like the back, neck, shoulders, or thighs.

Once the targeted area is identified, simply hold the massage cross in the palm of your hand, using the thumb to apply gentle but firm pressure on the area. The unique shape of the cross allows to focus pressure on a specific point, helping to relieve pain and muscle tension.

It is recommended to make circular movements with the wooden massage cross to help stimulate blood circulation in the area, which can help reduce inflammation and pain. Users can adjust the pressure according to their comfort and specific needs.

In addition, the wooden massage cross can be used in combination with massage oils to enhance its effectiveness. Oils can help reduce friction between the tool and the skin, allowing for a smoother and more comfortable application of pressure.

The wooden massage cross is a simple and effective wellness tool. Its natural wood design and ease of use make it a popular choice for those looking to relieve muscle pain and tension at home. As with any massage treatment, it is important to use it wisely and consult a health professional if pain persists.

Material: Natural wood

Made in Thailand


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