Yoga cushion Zafu - claret red

    Yoga cushion Zafu - claret red

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    Thai yoga cushion Zafu claret/red-claret



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    Made in Thailand


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    This Thai yoga cushion Zafu allows you to meditate in a good posture, it raises the hips, making more stable sitting positions with crossed legs. The Yoga cushion has a carrying handle on the side. The outside of the cushion is cotton with colored patterns and the inside is filled with Kapok which is a silky cotton from Asia and composed by other natural fibers.

    Thai cushions have been used for centuries in Thailand. The time go by Thai cushions still useful and integrate to the way of life. They can be found in everyday life as a decorative object in a particular habitat, in boutique hotels, restaurants , bars , yoga class and Thai massage room. In term of Thai traditional culture Thai cushions also be used during Buddhist ceremonies, Marriage, the gift for new house ceremony. They bring comfort above all. Thai cushions represent in many form such as flat shape, rectangular shape and the triangular shape which is the most popular in Thailand compose with the excellent benefit to rest your head and your back. The triangular shape can also be integrated with one or three parts of seats . It useful for low seating at dinner table, to full day beds or to decorative. All of our cushions are hand made and are composed of plants Kapok that grow mainly in the north-east.

    PADDING WITH KAPOK : Kapok comes from a tropical tree which can reach up to 70 meters high and which is mostly seen in Thailand and Indonesia. It produces the fibre which has been used for ages by the Asians to fill cushions because of its precious specifications such as its waterproof qualities and its ability to recover its complete volume after having been atrophied from sun exposure. The kapok fibre specifically expel insects (especially stink bugs). Before one cushion is filled, kapok is cleaned by removing all weeds and plant remains which could be found in the fibre. To find out more about Thai cushions click here.

    Diameter: 40 cm

    Height: 20 cm
    Weight: 1 kg
    Color: Claret/red-claret
    Outside: Cotton
    Inside: 100% Kapok

    Handmade 100% in Thailand

    Kapok is hypoallergenic, soft, light, mold resistant, insect resistant, waterproof and 100% organic.


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